About us

International Plastic Company (IPC) combines the power of innovation and product quality to passionately create export based products that cater to customer needs across diverse and multiple market segments

Founded in 2012, IPC actually has a diversified industry-leading portfolio of products and services that make it a full system solutions provider for its customers mostly concentrated in EU markets.

IPC is undoubtedly the leading producer of the injected plastic products in Kosovo who has based its business entirely in outsourcing business model who serves wide number of business partners in developed industries and markets such as these of EU states.

Today, IPC is recognized as a processor and manufacturer of various plastic tools and accessories who since its establishment has continuously invested in modern plastic injection molding machines specialized in production of different plastic products and elements, ranging from various household items, to industrial parts, tools and equipments such as; plastic crates, plate frame, plastic cups, plastic boxes, wedges, tubes and manual breast pump.

With over 5 years of plastic injection molding experience and over twenty years of prior experience in trading and service activities of the founder’s family, IPC has grown to be recognized as a reliable producer and business partner in custom plastic injection molding.

Partnering with some of the leading EU based plastic products producers and wholesalers concentrated in Austria, Switzerland and Germany, in a wide range of industries, IPC is capable of designing and molding custom plastic parts and assemblies that enhance end products, reduce overall part and production costs, streamline assembly and manufacturing processes.


IPC is a global solutions provider offering end-to-end design and manufacturing solutions to its customers, including product concept and product design, engineering and prototyping. The Company’s business portfolio covers multiple areas of the sectors value chain with main customers areas being concentrated and serviced such as; consumer goods industry, construction and building sector, sanitary industry, leisure industry, medical and pharmaceutics sectors, etc.

Almost all of the currently company products, are designated to be used for wide needs of the above listed industries and sectors through wholesale and retail sectors.

The IPC specializes in developing and manufacturing a wide range of plastic products and high precision components. The IPC is equipped with latest manufacturing technologies organized in 14 production lines supplied in 2012 and lately in 2017 by renamed Austrian producer; ‘Wittman Battenfeld’, which makes IPC capable of servicing the large scale supplying contracts.

Majority of the IPC manufactured range of products as of 2015 are exported to Austrian, Switzerland and German markets.

The Company is specialized and staffed with qualified and trained staff to offer tailored solutions for manufacturing plastic parts as per the diverse requirements of the customers. IPC’s gained expertise in multiple plastic injection technologies gives it the optimal foundation to develop numerous innovative solutions to substitute metal with lighter, cost effective and environment friendly products in multiple market segments.


Over the years IPC has managed to enter into long-term partnerships and business collaborations with some of the leading EU based companies, who have had a major role in facilitating access to IPC for investing into cutting-edge technology. Today, IPC has numerous credible business partnerships for which is proud as these partners are industry and technology leaders in their respective markets, and their technological capabilities and global reach give significant advantages and benefits to the IPC and most importantly to its business development plans.

The IPC’s association with its business partners has only enhanced its focus on innovation and continuous efficiency improvements. IPC has consistently leveraged the combination of its partners’ technologies with its own existing know-how and manufacturing  

Quality and Certification

Quality is a way of doing and conceptualizing the way of doing business at IPC. The management of the IPC believes quality is an ongoing process and is essentially achieved through a mixture of continuous improvement efforts and performance excellence.

For IPC, quality is a sustained state which reflects in everything it does. With its business being dependent of export based markets recognized for fierce competition and rapid advances in technology, the IPC strives to focuses on quality in every product, service and process. By virtue of its international affiliations, expansion of operations and export based customer base, the IPC has experience of working with a wide range of international quality systems, customers, collaborators and in-house quality functions. There is also a continuous interchange of best practices among all experts of the IPC and its business partners especially with the technology vendor companies.

A focused executive management and an aware and trained employee base are at the heart of what drives the need for quality in IPC. The IPC’s ability to adapt to change, adopt new practices and inspire a culture of standardization stimulates the overall efficiency of its quality initiatives.

The modern manufacturing technologies and tools help IPC to focus on process improvement, accountability, efficiency, and cost reduction.

IPC is certified with relevant certifications such as ISO 9001 from Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS - UK Branch and in 2018 has planned to implement the ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001.